BidKit + Kindful

Share data between ClickBid Mobile Bidding and Kindful seamlessly.

Share Donors and Link Sales

BidKit now offers a streamlined integration with popular donor management software Kindful. BidKit is a free service for customers of ClickBid Mobile Bidding that helps you share data between your mobile bidding event and your donor management system. In our increasingly connected world, BidKit is leading the way in donor management and silent auction integration.

As a user of Kindful, you can quickly share donors securely to your ClickBid Mobile Bidding event using our BidKit integration software. Simply choose the donors you wish to add as bidders and press Import.

BidKit also allows you to import contacts during your event check-in allowing you to make sure all your bidders match up with an existing Kindful contact record. This real-time support will save you hours of manual updates.

At the end of your event, you can easily push sales and donations from your ClickBid account back to Kindful because all your contacts are linked to bidders. Simply choose the sales/donations you wish to send to Kindful and press Export. Within minutes, Kindful will have imported your ClickBid sales and automatically matched them with existing donors.

Not a Kindful User?

Kindful is a Fundraising system for today’s nonprofit. We believe our customers should have high expectations for what a modern software experience should feel like. We think you should be able to easily connect online tools without a lot of fuss. And we think software should feel like adding a team member, not a bunch of technical overhead.

There’s a new school in nonprofit software and you deserve to be a part of it.

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